The Soul Speaks | 2010

La Maestra Foundation, under La Maestra Publications, publishes its first book, The Soul Speaks, to share real-life stories from refugees and immigrants from around the world to open readers’ eyes and hearts to different cultural experiences and challenges that populations face in their countries of origin, refugee camps and the US. The Soul Speaks is a collection compiled by Zara Marselian as told by people from City Heights who share their experiences of suffering through oppression, poverty, and tragedy; living in survival mode; and finally finding the will to escape, start over and thrive in a new community. Over 120 guests attend the launch. La Maestra Foundation, with funding from Bravo Foundation, develops Cultural Diversity Awareness Training for universities, teaching hospitals and corporations so students, medical staff and others who serve diverse populations understand challenges and benefits of diversity in relation to community health and social determinants.